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Industial and Service Sector

Project Code Project Title Venue
18-IN-36-GE-TRC-A Training course on Total Quality Management for Industries ROC
18-IN-43-GE-OSM-B Multicountry Observational Study Mission on Innovation and Competitiveness in SMEs ROC
18-RP-18-GE-WSP-B Workshop on Developing Strategies for Enhancing Global Competitiveness and Productivity Growth ROC
18-IN-34-GE-TRC-A Training of Trainers and Consultant in Green Productivity (Certifies GP specialist) ROC
18-IN-54-GE-WSP-A Workshop on APO Public-Sector Leadesrhip Framework IR Iran
18-IN-56-GE-WSP-A Workshop on Readiness for Industry 4.0: Assessment and Steps for Manufacturers ROC
18-IN-73-GE-WSP-A Workshop on Smart Industrial Application in SMEs ROC
18-RP-44-GE-DON-C Strenghtening the Programs of the Center of Excellence on Green Productivity ROC
18-IN-42-GE-OSM-B Multicountry Observational Study Mission on Benchmarking Service Delivary and Productivity at Sectoral Levels
18-RP-09-GE-CON-B Forum on Productivity Measurement Analysis and Sectoral Policy Implications for APO Member Economies
18-RP-42-GE-DON-C Strengthening the Programs of the Center of Exellence on IT for Industry 4.0 India
18-AF-06-GE-WSM 59th Workshop meeting of Heads of NPOs Indonesia
18-IN-51-GE-OSM-A Multicoountry Observational Study Mission on Labor-Management Relations Indonesia
18-RP-23-GE-OSM-B Multicoountry Observational Study Mission on Human Capital Development for the Future IR Iran
18-IN-62-GE-WSP-B Workshop on e-Government for Smart and Productive Public Service IR Iran
18-IN-44-GE-OSM-A Multicoountry Observational Study Mission on SME Development ROK
18-IN-32-GE-TRC-A Training Course on Customer Satisfaction Index Development for the Service Sector ROK
18-AF-05-GE-GBM 60th Session of the Governing Body Lao PDR
18-IN-20-GE-TRC-A Training Course on Lean Manufacturing Systems Malaysia
18-IN-22-GE-WSP-A Workshop on Material Flow Cost Accounting for SMEs Pakistan
18-IN-30-GE-TRC-A Certified Productivity Practitioners’ Course Philippines
18-IN-71-GE-TRC-A Training Course on Performance Measurement for Public-sector Organizations Philippines
18-IN-60-GE-OSM-B Multicountry Observational Study Mission on Regulatory Review Enhancing Public-sector Productivity Philippines
18-RP-11-GE-CON-B Forum on the Impact of Education Policies on National Productivity Growth Philippines
18-RP-38-GE-WSP-B Workshop on Development of Framework for Foresight in Public-sector Organizations Philippines
18-IN-28-GE-WSP-B Workshop on Business Excellence for Future Management Singapore
18-IN-50-GE-CON-A International Forum on the Public-sector Productivity Sri Lanka
18-IN-48-GE-WSP-A Workshop on Innovative and Strategic Leadership for Enhancing the Public-sector Productivity Sri Lanka
18-RP-37-GE-WSP-B Workshop on Development of a Trainers’ Manual on Scenario Planning for NPOs Sri Lanka
18-IN-57-GE-TRC-A Training Course on Foresight Management ofr Strategic Planning Specialists Thailand
18-RP-10-GE-TRC-A Workshop on Science, Technology, and Innovation Vietnam
18-IN-31-GE-WSP-A Workshop on Development of Productivity Champion
18-RP-19-GE-WSP-B Workshop on Monitoring and Evaluation of the Satus of Productivity Enhancement in Member Countries
18-RP-05-GE-WSP-B Workshop on Productivity Policy Implications for National Productvity Enhancement IR Iran
18-IN-72-GE-TRC-A Training Course on Data Processing and Analytics for Manufacturing Process
18-RP-40-GE-CON-B Forum on Strenghtening Accelerators Centers to Support Start-ups IR Iran
18-IN-82-GE-TRC-A Training Course on Basic Steps for Digital Manufacutirng
18-IN-90-GE-CON-A Top Management Forum on Knowledge Management and Innovation in SMEs Fiji
18-IN-80-GE-WSP-B Workshop on Productivity Measurement in SMEs Fiji
18-IN-13-GE-WSP-B Workshop on Total Productive Maintenance Applications for Manufacturing

Agricultural Sector

Project Code Project Title Venue
18-AG-45-GE-WSP-B Workshop on Innovations in Postharvest Handling of Perishables Bangladesh
18-AG-27-GE-WSP-A Workshop on Innovations in Food Value Chains Cambodia
18-AG-24-GE-OSM-A Multicountry Observational Study Mission on Best practices in Community-based Rural Tourism ROC
8-AG-40-GE-CON-A 3rd International Conference on Biofertilizers and Biopesticides ROC
18-AG-42-GE-WSP-B Workshop on Organic Agriculture 3.0 India
18-AG-12-GE-WSP-A Advanced Agribusiness Management Course for Executives and Managers Indonesia
18-AG-19-GE-TRC-B Training Course on Strengthening the Participation of Producers’ Associations and Farmers’ Cooperatives in Value Chains IR Iran
18-AG-08-GE-TRC-A Training Course on Building Climate Resilience in Agriculture IR Iran
18-AG-41-GE-OSM-A Multicountry Observational Study Mission on Community Development for Inclusive Growth: Saemaul Undong Model ROK
18-AG-32-GE-TRC-A Training Course on Quality Standards of Agriculture Products for Enhancing Market Access Lao PDR
18-AG-13-GE-CON-A Asian Food and Agribusiness Conference: Future Food Technologies Japan
18-AG-35-GE-TRC-B Training of Trainers in Planning and Management of e-Businesses for Women Entrepreneurs Nepal
18-AG-44-GE-WSP-B Workshop on Value-Added Agriculture Pakistan
18-AG-11-GE-WSP-A Workshop on International Marketing of Agrifood Products Philippines
18-AG-03-GE-WSP-B Workshop on Innovative Technologies for Increasing Agricultural Water Productivity Sri Lanka
18-AG-43-GE-WSP-B Workshop on Food Quality and Safety Assurance in Modern Food Production Systems Thailand
18-AG-01-GE-WSP-B Workshop on Digital Technologies for Transforming Agricultural Advisory Services Bangladesh
18-AG-49-GE-OSM-B Multicountry Observational Study Mission on Digital Agribusiness Mongolia
18-AG-22-GE-WSP-A Workshop on Innovative Rural Community Development Models Indonesia
18-AG-47-GE-WSP-B Workshop on Smart Rice Farming
18-AG-xx Training course on Development of Rural Leadership for Change Philippines
18-AG-xx International Conference and Exhibition on Sustainable Productivity in Agriculture Indonesia
18-AG-xx Workshop on Smart Greenhouse Agriculture IR Iran
18-AG-xx Training course on Eco-tourism and Agro-tourism Fiji


Project Code Project Title Venue
18-IN-09-GE-DLN-A e-Learning Course on Management Innovation in SMEs
18-IN-14-GE-DLN-A e-Learning Course on Customer Satisfaction Management for the Health Sector

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